Grow Light Control

(LMA-T) Lighting Adapter-T for Hydro-X System
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Specifically designed to work with the ThinkGrow LED systems to provide two channel control, which allows separate control for full spectrum and deep red output levels on the ThinkGrow LEDs.

*One adaptor could run up to 256 ThinkGrow LEDs*

(LMA-14) Lighting Control Adapter F
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Specially designed to control most lights with 0 - 10V protocol.
[HIDs - Gavita/Nanolux/Luxx/Growers Choice/Illuminar/PL]
[LEDs - Fluence/Next light/Spectrum King/New Phantom]

(LMA-24) Lantern Schedule Lighting Adapter
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It runs the same protocol as LMA-14, it is specially designed to control most lights with 0 - 10V protocol. The only difference is LMA-24 allows you to run 2 lighting cycles on a day.

(LMA-11) Lighting Control Adapter P
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Specially designed to control Phantom/Revolution HIDs.

(LMA-12) Lighting Control Adapter D
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Specially designed to control Dimlux HIDs.

(LMA-13) Lighting Control Adapter S
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Specially designed to control Nanolux/SunSystem HIDs.

(LMA-15) Lighting Control Adapter DLI
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Specially designed to control DLI (Dutch Lighting) HIDs.