Brewer 50 gallon Adapter

Brewer 50 gallon Adapter

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Organics Alive Brewer 50 gallon Adapter

This is a dual-purpose extractor which can brew up 25 gallons or 50 gallons of concentrate corresponding with the growth phases of your crops. 25 gallons can be diluted up to 250 gallons and 50 gallons can be diluted up to 500 gallons based on the Mix-Kit inserted.

The 25/50 Dual Extractor is constructed without a tank to decrease the shipping footprint and cost, as well as added convenience as you maintain different gardens and crops. You will need a 55 gallon barrel/drum. The fluid dynamics of the 25/50 Dual Bio-Extractor entails a triple diffuser that creates air through course and fine bubbles at 6ppm diffused oxygen. This provides the proper cavitation to extract and multiply the biology in the Organics Alive Mix-Kits.

There are several extensive differences that set us apart from a conventional brewer. The first important element to the Organics Alive Bio-Extractor is the oxygen diffuser. The diffuser does not allow biology or biofilms to stick or attach. Any diffuser with a porous nature, such as a rock stone or a simple air tube, will hinder biological growth and multiplication.

Our diffuser pushes air at 6ppm oxygen diffusion, creating course and fine bubbles made to agitate and extract the biology from the cultured Mix-Kit rapidly multiplying aerobic beneficial microorganisms.

The patented chimney holds the Mix-Kit at a specifically tested and engineered level for perfect cavitation. This allows an extraction and feeding process which multiplies the biology 9 billion times in 24 hours. The tea becomes extremely active, alive, and concentrated. The amount of biology in one gallon of brew equates to 2000Ibs of Organics Alive worm castings.

The Organics Alive Bio-Extractor is very easy to clean, runs efficiently and quietly. It is designed to be brewed at room temperature in your home or garden.

****NOTE****: A 50 gallon drum is needed to complete this kit.