Pathogen Testing
Pathogen Testing
Pathogen Testing
Pathogen Testing
Pathogen Testing
Pathogen Testing

Pathogen Testing

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Our Plant Pathogen DNA test is a multiplex assay that tests for the following 3 pathogens

Hop Latent Viroid

Hop latent viroid (HLVd) is a single-stranded, circular infectious RNA that completely depends on the metabolism of the host plant. As the name suggests, HLVd was first  identified in the hop plant, but it can also infect cannabis, which is a relative of hops.  In fact, some experts claim the effects of the disease are even more serious in cannabis, causing stunted plants with small, loose buds that have fewer trichomes. Once infected, plants can only be saved via a lengthy tissue culture process that will produce a new viroid-free plant.

Cannabis Cryptic Virus

Cannabis cryptic virus (CCV) is a double-stranded RNA virus and a member of the Partitiviridae family. Researchers detected CCV in leaves showing signs of hemp streak virus; however, the presence of CCV alone did not cause streak symptoms. It’s possible that CCV interacts with other fungal pathogens to produce disease symptoms in cannabis and hemp plants, which is why monitoring the presence of CCV could be valuable. Furthermore, CCV can be vertically transmitted through seeds, which means breeders may want to screen plants before crossing.

Lettuce Chlorosis Virus

Lettuce chlorosis virus (LCV) is a linear, single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus and a member of the Crinivirus family. Cannabis and hemp plants that are infected early will suffer stunted growth, but may not show visual signs until a few weeks into flowering. Those visual signs of LCV infection include yellow, rolling, brittle leaves. While the infection does not kill cannabis and hemp plants, it significantly affects yield and potency. The plant will produce smaller flowers with fewer trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Just because a crop tests positive this is not necessarily a death sentence for the crop. Crops with low viral loads have shown to not be a total loss at harvest.

Cultivators who use this preventive strategy can reduce their risk of suffering costly pathogen outbreaks and improve yield. Proper testing would include monthly tests of mother stock for propagation prior to making cuttings.

Our multiplex assays are specifically designed for use across the cannabis and hemp matrices, including flower, concentrates, and a range of infused products, the PathoSEEK platform uses qPCR technology, which has been proven in the food and healthcare industries, to be the most accurate, repeatable, and a reliable product safety testing methodology. 


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