(TSB-1) TrolMaster Sensor Bracket (2 Packs)

(TSB-1) TrolMaster Sensor Bracket (2 Packs)

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The TSB-1 TrolMaster Sensor Bracket is a wall mount specially designed for MBS-K30 / MBS-PRO. Users can fixedly locate the MBS sensor on the wall and keep it away from hanging around. Stay carefree with the curved-edge design which perfectly fits into the MBS sensors and is tightly locked. More than 1 holder can be connected with the mortise and tenon joint.

*One set of (Code) contains 2 holders


  • Easy installation


Working Temperature :

Working Humidity :

Package Dimensions :


≤ 90%

85mm(L) x 68mm(W) x 67mm(H)

Package Contents

  • 2x TrolMaster Sensor Bracket