TrolMaster Hydroponics & Horticulture Products

TrolMaster revolutionized environmental controller technology when it introduced the Hydro-X. The Hydro-X, Hydro-X Plus and Hydro-X Pro controllers continue the revolution with new features, as well as phone and web-based software.

The Hydro-X systems are the professional-grade single-zone environmental controller for hydroponics, horticulture, fertigation, lights, humidity, CO2, temperature, Mini-Split, and HVAC. Updateable firmware on all of our controllers allow us to continue adding functionality that the industry requires.

The Hydro-X Plus and Hydro-X Pro are backwards compatible with all current Hydro-X control / device modules. This also provides greater flexibility and cost savings when you want to upgrade. The user can set up each plug-in module to have multiple “conditions” that will activate the module, allowing for almost unlimited control options.